Classroom Residencies

Open up a world of understanding in your classroom with deeper engagement, and imaginative exploration with a trained professional Steppingstone Theatre teaching artist.

Our Classroom Residencies models work well to fit teacher’s needs. With flexible scheduling choices and full integration with state educational standards, our residencies provide your classroom with a theater and arts integration specialist, helping you bring curriculum to a new level of creative learning. Our Steppingstone teaching artist will work closely with you to meet your expectations of learning goals and lesson plans.

Your students will learn to express themselves and develop empathy for their own and other’s situations. They begin to understand universal themes and ways of looking at the world, and they develop the means to express their own visions and ideas. Teaching and learning in theatre develops confident learners who are better prepared to participate actively in their education, community and social lives.

Choose from 5 core residency topics and select Small (5 hours), Medium (15 hours) or Large (30 hours) based on your needs and budget. Each residency is designed for a classroom of up to 32 students. Residencies may span several weeks, and can be adjusted to your classroom calendar and schedule. (And of course you have the option to create a custom program specifically for your curriculum.)

Residency Topics

I See the Sun: Building Cultural Understanding

Explore the world through another child’s eyes.  Based on the popular series of books for young readers, I See the Sun residencies encourages young learners to understand that other children may speak different languages, have their own traditions, clothing, and food, but we all have family, play, daily routines, ways of learning, and surprisingly similar celebrations that connect us to a shared experience of being human.  Foster a greater sense of curiosity about our diverse human family, and create a foundation for acceptance and understanding based on sound historical and cultural knowledge. Our most popular residency for young learners. Recommended for grades K-3rd.

Create-a-Play: Devising Theatre

Our most popular class model! Adaptable to any curriculum topic and age level. Residencies use improvisation, shared story-telling, creative movement, visual Art making and creative writing to devise an original play. Put students at the center of the Art making process to build creative capacity and empower their ideas! Students work collaboratively with a teaching artist to synthesize knowledge and understandings of a theme, big idea, process or other content-specific learning goal. Recommended for grades 1st- 8th.

Oh The Stories You Can Tell: Celebrating Literacy

Excite your most reluctant readers and writers, and give your word lovers a playful treat, with this lively approach to books and language. Using favorite books for young readers, our teaching artists engage in through Story Telling. Encourage deeper exploration of plot, character, and themes, and make powerful connections to the imaginative world of students. Theater games, creative “mash-ups,” and a final performance created by students combine in a favorite for teachers and students. Book titles adaptable by age level. Recommended for Pre-K-8th grade.

Educators Create: Custom Residency Experience

Creative classroom residency to explore themes of community, leadership, cooperation and tie in curriculum. This model takes students through a process of skill-building and brainstorming, improvisation based script writing and performance. All students will serve as performers, creators, collaborative directors and content explores. Educators work with Theatre curriculum creator to craft a custom experience serving any curriculum needs. Recommended for any age Pre-K-High School.

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All Programs Include:

  • Lesson planning with SteppingStone Program Developer.
  • On campus meeting with professional Teaching Artist.

Contact hours may be used in one classroom in split between classes. Each class is limited to a maximum of 35 students per class.

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At SteppingStone, we strive to make our programming accessible to all students.