Community Programing

Open up a world of understanding in your classroom with deeper engagement, and imaginative exploration with a trained professional Steppingstone Theatre teaching artist.

SteppingStone Theatre focuses on developing the whole child through educational theater programs. Our supportive, non-competitive environment helps youth build self-esteem and confidence in a community that celebrates diversity. We serve more than 100 community education and out-of-school programs across the region.  We work with families, youth, schools and community members to create programs that meet the needs of our schools and communities.

With our unique models we provide workshop-classes for prek- 12th grade students and teachers to work with a Professional Teaching artist. Bringing theater to you and your community. We believe students who have frequent access to high-quality Arts Learning opportunities strengthen their ability to hone crucial life-skills in critical thinking, social/emotional development, physical awareness, and a sense of Mastery. Our classes, staffed by professional artists, create space for youth to explore theatrical skill-sets while enhancing self-esteem, and developing a strong sense of community and belonging.

Workshop/Class Offerings

Theatre for Threes

Perfect for: Daycares

Even the littlest ones can explore the world of theatre! In this introductory course, students will read books, create crafts, and build skills through interactive play with the help of a teaching artist. Using creative dramatics, music, and art, students will present what was learned during the end of class.


Perfect for: Daycares and Pre-K Classes Ages 4-5

This innovative program is geared towards very young actors who want a taste of the limelight! Your budding performer will work with a professional artist to stage a short play based on a book. Students will identify plot, characters, rehearse lines, and construct costumes, props and scenery. On the final day of class, students will perform their short play for family and friends.

Pick a book/theme from the list below or tell us about a book that’s not on our list yet:

  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • One- Everyone Counts
  • The Day the Crayons Quit


Perfect for: Grades 1-6

Create an original play and learn how to put it on stage! Explore how to tell a story using a theme as inspiration. Our teaching artist will help your child develop acting skills and gain a deeper understanding of performance. Students will learn to speak with confidence, develop imagination, and build an ensemble wherein everyone’s ideas can be incorporated into the final presentation.

Devised Theatre

Perfect for: Grades 7+

Using the student’s experiences to teach them how to understand that other children may speak different languages, have their own traditions, clothing, and food, but we all have family, play, daily routines, ways of learning, and surprisingly similar celebrations that connect us to a shared experience of being human. Exploring improvisation, shared story-telling, and other strategies form the theatre to devise an original play. Based on different themes, students work collaboratively with a teaching artist. To synthesize knowledge and understandings of a theme, big idea, process or other content-specific learning goal.

Build Your Skills

Perfect for: Grades 1-12

Gain a deeper understanding of theatre in our skill-based classes! Led by professional artist, your students will participate in workshops  to develop specific skills.


This class is an acting class focused on comedy and improvisations. Students dive into humorous situations while exploring the nature of comedy, slapstick and joke telling. This is sure to be a wild ride full of wacky fun! Working closely with a Teaching Artist, students will learn how to think on their feet and work as a team using cooperation and communication skills.

Stage Makeup/Special Effects

Learn special skills to transform your face into a different character. Explore different styles of makeup (old age, fantasy, animal, zombies, cuts or maybe bruises) each class period you still learn a different style with the help of a professional teaching artist.

Acting Workshop

Explore the extensive creative world of acting! Using a wide range of theatre exercises, students will expand their imagination while learning the basic tools of an Actor: body, voice, concentration, cooperation and imagination. Through different exercise and team building skills your students will learn how to be confident on stage, and working with others.

Beat Boxing

Explore the different ways you can use your body as an instrument. Learn create vocal percussion sounds using your mouth, lips, tongue, and voice. Beat boxing is one of the elemental skills used in hip-hop.

Puppets/Mask Making

Socks puppets, shadow puppets, fingers puppets, stick puppets- the possibilities are endless! Learn to bring these characters to life using acting skills. Become a master of building different forms of puppets and learn how to be creative with different materials.  With the help of a professional teaching artist, learn how to create different character voices, and explore the magic world of puppetry with movement and art.

Improv/Sketch Writing

Do you love to make others laugh? Flex those comedy muscles! Shape those funny bones! Warm up that sense of humor! Working with a professional teaching artist, students will learn how to write sketches and create a scene with others. Learn the art of creating on your feet and sketch writing.


Come groove through the ages! Learn the basics of hip-hop, jazz, ballroom, and ballet. Learn about the different dance, rhythms, and where it comes from! Students should come to class ready to move, jump slide, and pop. Each class will include a strength and stretch workout, structured improve/freestyle, choreography, and basic building blocks for each style.

Actors Workshop

Perfect for: Grades 7+

Develop your acting skills! In these workshops you will work closely with a professional teaching artist to develop your performance skill and gain confidence in the spotlight. Demonstrate the skills you learned on the last day of class.

Auditions Workshop

Need to help build up your audition skills? Learn how to pick monologues that work best for you. Through improvisation and short scenes, explore how to make strong character choices, and work with objectives and relationships to create and perform original scenes.

Broadway Bound

Enhance your skills in acting, singing, and dancing to become a triple threat! In this workshop, you’ll work closely with three musical theatre professionals to gain knowledge and confidence in the spotlight. Demonstrate what you’ve learned to family and friends on the last day of class.

Acting 101

Explore the creative world of acting! Using a wide range of theatre exercise students will develop their self- Confidence while learning to use their body, voice and imagination, the tools of an actor. Come explore how to work as a team using cooperation and communication skills. A great class for everyone!

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At SteppingStone, we strive to make our programming accessible to all students.