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Night at the Museum + Music & Character Creation

August 10 - August 14, 2020

9:00am - 4:00pm

Hybrid Experience: In-person and online! AM Create-a-Play will meet in-person each day from 9:00am-12:00pm with all safety precautions in place. PM Skills Classes will meet online in our Virtual Studio each day from 2:30pm-4:00pm.  


Create-a-Play (9:00am-12:00pm in-person at SteppingStone):

What do mischievous Museum Exhibits do when a sleepy security guard is on patrol? Create mayhem, of course! Create and perform an original play based on the class theme: Night at the Museum! Work collaboratively with your peers to develop the story, setting, characters, dialogue, and staging. Throughout the creative class process, engage in games and activities to hone your fundamental theatre skills. Perform your play on the final day of class.

This class is perfect if you’re into: the classroom game “Night at the Museum”, the Night at the Museum movies, characters from history, pulling pranks, being sneaky, solving mysteries, or physical comedy.

> A Class Sharing will be held on the final day of class. For the safety of all, we will record this Sharing and distribute a video link so that all family & friend can enjoy! 

Build Your Skills (2:30pm-4:00pm online in our Virtual Studio):

Music: In this introductory music class, basic vocal technique and vocabulary are introduced through a selection of age-appropriate popular songs.

Character Creation: Learn how to bring characters to life through a series of warm-ups, games, and exercises. Examine how physicality & vocal choices can enhance character motivations & intentions.

> There will be no final performance for these workshops.

For the Caregivers: Did you know theatre learning extends well beyond the stage? In our classrooms, your Young Artist is exercising their abilities in early literacy, story structure & sequencing, communication, creative thinking, critical problem-solving, cooperation, active listening, self-advocacy, teamwork, decision-making, compromise, public speaking, generosity, empathy, and community building. Theatre is powerful!


SteppingStone Theatre

55 Victoria Street North
Saint Paul, MN 55104



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