Grades 1-3


  • Expressing individual ideas that contribute to a larger group concept
  • Learning theatre concepts like vocabulary & story structure
  • Making physical and vocal choices to express a character

Create and perform an original play. Work collaboratively with your peers on developing the story, setting, characters, dialogue, and staging. Our Teaching Artists help you gain an understanding of theatre as you explore concepts like idea contribution, ensemble work, story structure, character choices, and theatre vocabulary. Throughout the process-driven creative class experience, you’ll engage in theatre games and activities that hone your artistic skills. Perform your play for family and friends on the final day of class!

Sessions for this Program

Saturday Spy School

September 21 - November 16, 2019

9:30am - 12:00pm

Can a normal kid become a Secret Agent? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create and perform an original play based on the theme Spy School.

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