The Last Firefly


March 22: 7:00 PM
March 23 : 3:00 PM
March 24: 3:00 PM
March 29: 7:00 PM: Audio Described
March 30: 3:00 PM
March 31: 3:00 PM: ASL Interpreted
April 5 : 7:00 PM
April 6: 3:00 PM
April 7 : 3:00 PM

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Preview March 21: 10:00 AM
Preview March 22: 10:00 AM
March 27 : 10:00 AM
March 28 : 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM
April 4 : 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM
April 5 : 10:00 AM


It begins with light and a flash. Then comes a sound, a pulse, a beat, a crash like a giant hammer smashing through the sky. The fantastic story of Boom, the child of Thunder, is a mythical adventure about discovering one’s inner strength. After being forced out of the family home at the hand of their cruel stepfather, Boom sets out on a journey of self-discovery where they must courageously battle forces of nature. Along the way, they encounters conflict with the animals of an enchanted forest who will either help or hinder them in his quest. This epic tale combines Japanese fairy tales and folklore to create an exciting theatrical experience for young people.

THE LAST FIREFLY by Naomi Iizuka

Directed by Daisuke Kawachi


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