The Real Life Adventures of Jimmy de las Rosas


February 7 : 7:00 PM
February 8 : 3:00 PM: Pay-As-You’re-Able
February 9 : 3:00 PM: Pay-As-You’re-Able
February 15 : 3:00 PM: Audio Described
February 16 : 3:00 PM: ASL Interpreted
February 21 : 7:00 PM
February 22 : 12:00 PM, 3:00 PM
February 23 : 3:00 PM


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RUN TIME: 75 Minutes

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Preview February 6 : 10:00 AM, 12:30 PM
Preview February 7 : 10:00 AM
February 12 : 10:00 AM SOLD OUT, 12:30 PM
February 13 : 10:00 AM
February 14 : 10:00 AM, 12:30 PM
February 19 : 10:00 AM
February 20 : 10:00 AM
February 21: 10:00 AM


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A SteppingStone Theatre for Youth World Premiere.

Jimmy is just like every other boy on the block—except he can move things with his mind. It’s a power he hopes can make him rich, famous. So when his mom, who came to Chicago without proper documentation, lets him join little league, Jimmy performs miracles. Pretty soon, people are talking about him as much as they are about the disappearances plaguing the community. But, on his 13th birthday, when his mother also goes missing, Jimmy must learn to use his powers for something else besides cosmic home runs. He teams up with two super-powered siblings who have been avoiding living in shelters to rescue his mom, the other “disappeareds”, and discover who is behind the kidnappings. 



Ricardo Gamboa is an award-winning artist and activist working in his native Chicago and NYC. 

In New York City, he is an alumni of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics’ EmergeNYC program, member of the NY Neo-Futurists, and Critical Collaborations Fellow at New York University. In Chicago, he is a member of Free Street Theater and the Southside Ignoramus Quartet, founding adult partner of the Young Fugitives, and creator and host of the live news show and podcast The Hoodoisie. He is the recipient of a MacArthur International Connections Award and Joyce Award amongst others. His current projects include the web-series BRUJOS and the play MEET JUAN(ITO) DOE. He is currently pursuing his doctorate degree at New York University’s renowned American Studies program. He has worked with over 5,000 young people in the United States and Latin America. 


The Real Life Adventures of Jimmy de las Rosas by Ricardo Gamboa

Real Life Adventures of Jimmy de la Rosas was developed and received workshops with Free Street Theater, 2015 and

Real Life Adventures of Jimmy de la Rosas is presented by special arrangement with the Robert A. Freedman
Dramatic Agency, Inc.





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